Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Executive Committee
of the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology (ISGE), it is my pleasure and pride to invite you to join the 17th World Congress of Gynecological Endocrinology, that as per tradition will be held in Florence on 2nd – 5th March 2016.

Our biennial meeting can be considered the major event in developing, upgrading and teaching
the Gynecological Endocrinology.
Gynecological Endocrinology covers all areas where hormones are active, from sub cellular effects  to actions at different organs level, from reproductive tissues to the brain, from bone to heart, from sensory organs to the skin and mucosa.

The impact on metabolism, aging processes, tissue regeneration and stem cells, are important chapters of interest for our Society.

The Scientific programme, developed by the Executive Board, will receive contributions from Scientific Societies, mostly members of the International Federation of the Societies of Gynecological Endocrinology (FISGE), that cooperates with us.

Moreover, the Congress’ Scientific Programme welcomes suggestions of our Members, Working groups and any other Institution that want to increase both the scientific and the educational level of the Event.

The ISGE 2016 World Congress will be preceded by the International School of Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (ISGRE) winter and summer Teaching Courses, which respectively will be held in Madonna di Campiglio by the end of January 2015 and in late June 2015 in Montpellier.

I strongly hope to receive your proposals for the progress of our Society, and have the pleasure to meet you in Florence in March 2016.

Andrea R. Genazzani
(President of ISGE)