Sponsored Symposia

Wednesday 2nd of March 2016


AFFARI 1 Sponsored Round Table 11:30 → 13:00
Effective communication skills and treatment options for women with menopausal symptoms (Sponsored by Pfizer)

  • Genazzani Andrea R. (IT) .
  • Nappi Rossella E. (IT) .
  • Kingsberg Sheryl (US) .


AUDITORIUM Sponsored Opening Symposium 15:40 → 17:10
Innovative treatment options in Menopause

Chairperson/s: Genazzani Andrea R. (IT), Benedetto Chiara (IT)

  • Palacios Santiago (ES) Limitations of current menopause therapies: the unmet need
  • Egarter Christian (AT) The new paradigm for menopausal therapy: tissue selective estrogen complex (TSEC)
  • Goldstein Steven (US) Clinical overview of conjugated estrogens/bezadoxifene
  • Skouby Sven (DK) Where the TSEC fits in clinical practice?

Thursday 3rd of March 2016


AUDITORIUM Sponsored Symposium 11:45 → 13:15
The latest innovation in hormonal contraception – clinical trial data about the gestodene containing transdermal patch (Sponsored by Gedeon Richter)

Chairperson/s: Fruzzetti Franca (IT)

  • Nappi Rossella E. (IT) Hormonal Contraception- Past and Future
  • Paszkowski Tomasz (PL) Transdermal Contraception – The latest trial data
  • Rabe Thomas (DE) Gestodene containing new transdermal contraceptive patch –from backstage to frontline


AFFARI 1 Sponsored Lunch Symposium 13:30 → 15:15
The premisses of pregnancy (sponsored by IBSA)

Chairperson/s: Barri Pedro (ES), de Ziegler Dominique (FR)

  • De Seta Francesco (IT) The Microbiota, Uterus and Pregnancy
  • Griesinger Georg (DE) Lessons learned from the phase III trials on subcutaneous progesterone
  • Brosens Ivo (BE) Quality of placentation and obstetrical outcome

AFFARI 2 Sponsored Lunch Symposium 13:30 → 15:15
A new breakthrough in non hormonal climacteric symptoms treatment (sponsored by SERELYS Pharma))

Chairperson/s: Palacios Santiago (ES), Druckmann René (FR)

  • Palacios Santiago (ES) Production and Biotechnology of the Purified and Specific Cytoplasm of Pollen
  • Rozenberg Serge (BE) Clinical proof of efficacy and safety
  • Goldstein Steven (US) Treatment of VMS in Breast Cancer Patients
  • Genazzani Andrea R. (IT) Mechanism of Action
  • Lachowksy Michèle (FR) Quality of life – Conclusions


AFFARI 1 Sponsored Satellite Symposium 16:45 → 18:15
Premature ejaculation (PE) : the two sides of the same coin (sponsored by MENARINI Group)

Chairperson/s: Genazzani Andrea R. (IT), Graziottin Alessandra (IT)

  • Graziottin Alessandra (IT) Woman perspective: The female sexual dysfunctions (FSD) related to male’s PE
  • Reisman Yacov (NL) Man perspective: Patient’s behavior and pharmacological solutions
  • Tripodi Francesca (IT) The couple psychological assessment: The daily clinician’s experience in the treatment of PE


AFFARI 1 ISGE General Assembly 18:15 → 19:15
ISGE General Assembly

Friday 4th of March 2016


AFFARI 1 Sponsored Symposium 09:45 → 11:15
Clinical management of women with hyperandrogenic symptoms . A case-based discussion from multidisciplinary experts (sponsored by BAYER)

Chairperson/s: Bitzer Johannes (CH)

  • Zouboulis Christos (DE) Scientific basis of acne and hirsutism
  • KUBBA ALI (GB) Optimizing treatment outcomes


AFFARI 1 Sponsored Symposium 11:45 → 13:15
Oral contraception: #2bleedornot2bleed ? (sponsored by TEVA)

Chairperson/s: Nappi Rossella E. (IT), Bitzer Johannes (CH)

  • Azoulay Catherine (FR) #Freeperiods – Monthly bleeding: useful or not ?
  • Nappi Rossella E. (IT) #Itsabouttime – What do doctors think ?
  • Fiala Christian (AT) #Itcostme- What do women want ?
  • Lobo Paloma (ES) #Lessperiodsmorelove – Reducing number of the periods: are there other potential benefits?
  • Nappi Rossella E. (IT) #Less4more – Take Home messages – Conclusion

AFFARI 2 Sponsored Symposium 11:45 → 13:15
Modern management of uterine fibroids with Ulipristal Acetate (UPA) (sponsored by GEDEON RICHTER)

Chairperson/s: Petraglia Felice (IT)

  • Bouchard Philippe (FR) Mode of action of Ulipristal Acetate
  • Fauser Bart C. (NL) Endocrine and metabolic profile after long term exposure to UPA
  • Donnez Jaques (BE) From fibroid volume reduction to pregnancies: the in vivo mechanism of UPA


AFFARI 2 Sponsored Symposium 16:30 → 18:00
New physiological treatment of vulvovaginal atrophy of menopause (sponsored by ENDOCEUTICS)

Chairperson/s: Genazzani Andrea R. (IT), Palacios Santiago (ES)

  • Simoncini Tommaso (IT) Local formation of sex steroids following intravaginal DHEA: intracrinology at work
  • Archer David (US) Efficacy of intravaginal prasterone (DHEA) on the vulvovaginal atrophy signs and symptoms
  • Nappi Rossella E. (IT) The clinical pictures of vulvovaginal atrophy(VVA)

Supporters from the industry

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